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Formerly Miller Lures now carrying on a family tradition  to create high quality lures that myself and friends use to catch fish here  on Tablerock Lake. You can use these lures on other bodies of water but we strive to focus on the body of water that spans 43 thousand acres and 800 miles of shoreline. You will see lures we use on Lake Taneycomo, Bullshoals Lake and area tributaries like Bull Creek, Bear Creek, Flat Creek, Cow Creek, Aunts Creek, Big Piney, Jakes Creek etc. If you are looking for History and more detailed info go check out our friends at Branson.com

Now we are launching custom wooden and plastic Top Water and Crank Baits to go along with the soft plastic finesse worms, trailers and swimbaits.

 Table Rock Lures
  Keying in on the different types of water here on Tablerock Lake we are often known as just a clear water lake but we have the James and White River arms as well as tributaries as Long Creek, Brushy, Cow, Aunts etc all producing different color, cover and structure.

 Making Lures since 1973
  We started making lures in Oklahoma and fishing them on lakes such as Tenkiller, Grand and Kerr Reservoir. We moved to the area in 1976 and changed colors and spinner type to adapt to this area.  My dad started making spinnerbaits and other lures to supplement our fishing trips, so when we were just hanging out around the house we were pouring led, filing lure heads, painting on eyes and assembling skirts and even tying living rubber skirts. These spinnerbaits have been used all over the U.S, Mexico, Cuba and Venezuela.  In Oklahoma my dad had his lures in Ben Franklin and Otasco stores around any lake we could find a location for them. When we went fishing we would restock and collect money to pay for the fishing trip. After moving to Branson, Missouri in 1976 dad "Ed Miller" didnt sell lures any longer as he had a family business to run. We still produced lures but they were strictly to create a lure that no one else was fishing with or to get the presentation with custom length shafts and skirt combinations. The family tradition carries on here in the same way as I could never really find the lures that had the colors I know that work. From the old days of dressing up Spooks, Spittin Image, Pop-R''s and Wiggle warts with my wife's nail polish, don't laugh I know you've done it too, to now using state of the art Dick Nite paints with an air brush. Someday Ill be like my heroes Tim Hughes and Dale Sellers.


 My Dad "Ed Miller" passed in 2001 but his entrepreneurial spirit and love for fishing lives on in me  and the lures he taught me to make. My Hero!

Dad where he loved to be, with family and and taking his Gambler Bass Boat out on Tablerock Lake!  If you ever saw a boat dock with Miller Time Emblazoned across the end of it or a Gambler with a red head screaming across the lake way to fast it was probably my Pops!


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